Artist Biography

Artist Biography- Jane Cornwoman Fowler

As a BIPOC disabled woman with a background of 27 years as an EMT and Unit Coordinator of the Neurosurgical ICU at the U.C. Davis Medical Center she went to school to become a doctor and got her Associate degree from Sacramento City College in Science, Math & Engineering in 1991.

After transferring to University of California, Davis for her Bachelor’s degree she experienced difficulty with passing advanced science classes with perfect grades. She was tested for learning disabilities by the Disability Department and found out that a childhood Acquired Brain Injury and skull fractures prevented her from learning at the regular rate, she needed lecture notes, Dragon Speaking Naturally, and would be unable to learn a foreign language. She changed her major to Studio Art where she excelled but had to drop out of school because she could not meet the requirement of one year of foreign language. She studied under great artists: Robert Arneson; Conrad Atkinson; Mike Henderson; Lynn Hershman Leeson; Harvey Himelfarb; David Hollowell; Malaquias Montoya; Lucy Puls; Cornelia Shulz; and Wayne Thiebaud. She was President of ArtsWorksat UC Davis student organization and won a President’s Undergraduate Fellowship.

Jane was showing her art locally and started a studio and gallery space in 1995 on the Del Paso Boulevard art scene with 9 other artists while living in Sacramento, California. She had little success selling her representative and urban primitivism art locally but was doing group and solo shows regularly. She hosted the GadenShartse Tibetan monks doing huge sand mandalas as part of her shows annually. In 2003, the art scene moved to Midtown Sacramento and the artists closed down their studios and gallery space in 2004.

Jane worked out of home and went back to school in 2004 at the University of Phoenix online and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2006. In 2007 she went into a coma for 2 weeks and the doctors never found out why. She attempted her Master’s degree in Business Administration online from 2008 to 2009, but was hospitalized repeatedly for depression and suicide attempts and was diagnosed as being schizoaffective. Her artworks were dark and brooding Escher-like pieces and were thrown away by the institutions she was forced to stay in. In 2015, Jane suffered from a catatonic episode where she could not move her limbs or speak. It took 6 months to rehabilitate from that problem. Now she requires constant medication to prevent it from happening again.

In 2018 Jane was in a bicycle accident and had to have multiple surgeries on both hips. She has been on crutches until recently. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave Jane time to learn about online art galleries and create new art with the Polyresin Foam after so many years.

Jane has been struggling with thyroid and parathyroid cancer and had extensive surgery on May 16, 2022. She has been dealing with complications to her endocrine system, larynx, and esophagus. She is trying to complete 8 more Polyresin Foam paintings and 20 Contemporary Abstract mixed media works this year despite her recovery needs. She is starting a comprehensive painting series of all the 250+ owls in the Strigiformes family to share her love of owls with others. Please enjoy her fine art website and come back periodically to see her new works